At Stephen's Hosting we have focused upon providing exclusive domain names registration services. Look into our domain names video display to check out the great benefits of buying a new domain name here.

We now have one–on–one accords with some of the most popular domain name registration providers, meaning we’re able to deliver less pricey domain name registration rates as opposed to the competition. And due to these accords, we’re able to provide you with no cost domain name registration or domain name transfer with each and every Linux shared hosting packages plan.

We’ve also developed a distinct domain operations interface – our Domain Manager. It’s designed to become the sole location you will need to go for any domain name control needs. We provide you with easy management of a variety of domain names simultaneously, entire whois control, quick domain name redirection and much more.

For all those, who want an enhanced level of security with regard to their domain names, we provide you with our WHOIS Privacy Protection service. It allows you to hide your private information with the whois information, successfully decreasing the odds for domain name theft.

From our Domain Manager, it’s also possible to acquire an SSL Certificate for your site, regardless if it’s hosted with Stephen's Hosting or not. You can expect simultaneously regular SSL certificates that are great for a particular host as well as wildcard SSL certificates, which you can use for different hostnames.