We have made a multitude of Advanced Instruments that can be found for you at zero cost using the Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel! They are created for web designers as well as for site owners who wish to take care of their website hosting surroundings on their own. It’s easy to generate an .htaccess file, change the PHP version for one’s website hosting account, change the php.ini file, set up many different automatic chores and applications, and more!

All of the Advanced Instruments adhere to the layout pattern in our Online Control Panel, leading them to be genuinely straightforward.

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself from data transfer theft

Whenever you create unique content for one’s web site, it is advisable to safeguard it from people who want to use it not having your approval. For this specific purpose, we’ve integrated an exclusive protective software tool inside the Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel. The Hotlink Protection tool is made to secure all the visuals at your web site from being used in any publications devoid of your authorization.

The instrument is admittedly intuitive, without any configuration required whatsoever. All you must carry out is determine which domain name to shield and initialize the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto generation of .htaccess files

Bundled inside the Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel you can discover .htaccess Generator – a strong instrument, which lets you create .htaccess files and never having to generate them manually. Stephen's Hosting’s tool involves no working experience as well as no understanding of .htaccess file operations.

Using an .htaccess file, you can quickly divert a few webpages within your site or even the complete website to a new location. Also, you can use it to guard a folder by using a username and password as well as to enable PHP code within HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malicious IPs from your site

In order to prevent a spammer from accessing your web site, an Internet troll out of your discussion board or, possibly a a stack of IPs flooding your site, it’s best to take full advantage of the convenient IP blocking tool. It allows anyone to easily block an IP address or a full IP variety from ever using your web site.

Stephen's Hosting’s IP Blocking tool is admittedly uncomplicated. What you need to do is enter the IP address (and / or addresses) which you want to stop and then click the action button. All IP addresses you’ve specified are going to be blocked instantly.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Change the PHP rules for your website

The Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel gives you the possibility to instantly customize the PHP build for your own web hosting account. You can pick from old PHP releases to the latest stable PHP release. We’ve created a simplified interface that lets you customize the PHP release as many times as you want. Then the release you’ll have chosen will be used instantaneously.

Whichever PHP build you decide on, you’ll also have total control in the php.ini file – the PHP configuration file for your account. It’s easy to change a lot of common options, update the complete php.ini file or swiftly revert all changes and then set things back to their default state.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Develop automatic planned tasks

When there’s a thing that your website or web app needs to complete daily, it’s easy to automate it with the help of a cron job. Cron jobs let you create scheduled duties, which can be carried through at specified periods. You could set cron jobs to e–mail you the position of your respective web site on a regular basis or even to erase temporary files every week so as to free disk space inside your hosting account.

Every cloud hosting package is bundled with a varied amount of cron jobs. Extra cron jobs can be purchased at any time within your Online Control Panel.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Easy way to guard all your data files

When using the Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel, you are able to quickly safeguard each directory with your website, due to our Password Protection tool. Everything you need to do is pick the folder you wish to safeguard as well as identify a user name in addition to a security password that just you will be aware of. Your folder as well as its contents will be safeguarded immediately.

The security password you’ve selected will be held in a protected manner. Nobody can check it out and you’ll be in a position to change it once you want.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL re–direction with only a couple of clicks

In the Stephen's Hosting Online Control Panel, you are able to easily redirect your domain to a different site with the assistance of our URL Redirection instrument. It is really easy to use – all you should make is select exactly where your site is going to be linked to. No need for any type of .htaccess files, PHP redirections, DNS configurations, etc. to be made. Your domain will be redirected towards the new spot straight away.

It is possible to terminate the domain name re–direction anytime. What you need to complete is go to the URL Redirection instrument and disable the website redirection. After that your domain will quickly start pointing to the initial location.

URL Redirection