Python is a very popular general-purpose computer programming language, which is intended for the development of various applications, such as CGI scripts and web software. The reason that makes it preferred by programmers is that it provides very clear syntax and it supports modules - pieces of code that include some subroutines and perform particular things. Using modules can help you save plenty of time and efforts for the reason that you're able to simply "call" a module inside your script, instead of writing all the program code for the same function. Python is used for a number of apps for example online games, content management systems, database administration systems, RSS readers, text and data processors and many more. Every Python-based script can be implemented in a website which is written in a different programming language.

Python in Shared Hosting

You'll be able to use any kind of web application or script written in Python whatever the shared hosting plan that you choose, as the language is supported on all of our servers - we have the Apache mod_python module that will allow our system to interpret and manage Python scripts without any problem. You will be able to employ pre-made scripts or create the code yourself if you are knowledgeable enough. What is more, you can also join custom code with ready-made modules and expand the capabilities of your sites, supplying extra functionality to the website visitors. Since Python is a general-use scripting language, you will have a lot of possibilities in terms of what such a script will be able to do, so you're able to supply a tailor-made solution on your website - one that meets your specific needs.