Provided you choose to use a PostgreSQL-driven script application on any of your websites, you need a sufficient amount of database storage for it, to guarantee that even when your site grows, it will run effectively and without disorders. Adding more products to an electronic store or more comments to a discussion forum are only two instances of what may expand your databases. If you use up all your storage space at some time, the performance may decrease or the site might not be accessible at all due to the fact that if the storage space restriction is reached, the script won't be able to keep additional content within the database - user-generated or system one. Considering that PostgreSQL is used for scalable web apps, it is very likely that if you employ this type of database for your site, you will need extra space for it as your website grows.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting

A number of the Linux shared hosting packages that we provide are suitable for hosting websites that use a PostgreSQL database to operate since they feature unlimited database storage. When you use these packages, you are able to install and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script application and enjoy an effective and reliable website hosting service. We can supply unrestricted database storage space as we don't manage everything on the same server. Instead, all of the PostgreSQL databases are managed by a separate cluster, which is a part of our custom-made cloud web hosting platform, so we can always supply more hard disks or entire servers to the cluster when required. With our shared hosting services, you will never need to worry that the expansion of your websites is reduced due to the shortage of space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you would like to use PostgreSQL for your sites, you'll be able to take advantage of our powerful semi-dedicated server packages. Based upon the websites that you would like to have, you can choose between restricted and unlimited PostgreSQL storage, since a smaller site requires much less system resources, this way you can pay a smaller fee every month. The top-end plan comes with unrestricted storage space and considering that it also features considerably more processing power, you will be able to operate heavy script apps without a problem and without having to worry that your sites can grow way too much. You can manage huge web stores or community forums with a large number of users and regardless of how much their PostgreSQL databases expand, there won't be any disorders due to getting to some limit. For your convenience, you'll always be able to view the size of each database and the entire size that all the databases take, however you'll never see any sort of restriction in the web hosting Control Panel.